“Growing an online presence is important, but let’s get real about influence. Presence does not equal influence. Presence can be measured in social media followings. Influence can’t.”

―BY  Martha Giffen

You’ve probably heard quite a bit about influencer marketing by now; between the controversy of its effectiveness and Google’s purchase of influencer platform, FameBit, and even a CBS 60 Minutes special, it’s everywhere.


But there are still many who are on the fence. In a recent gShift survey, 250 participants were asked if they use influencer marketing; 60 percent indicated that they do not leverage the practice yet.


Despite the fact that most every marketing budget today accounts for content marketing and SEO efforts, influencer marketing is still neglected by many brands even though the process amplifies both strategies.


That’s right – influencer marketing is an SEO goldmine and an extremely cost effective one, at that.


Let’s dive in and explore how leveraging today’s social superstars can give your company a big boost in the SERPs and why you should hop onto this epic bandwagon.


Prioritized Content

Most digital marketing campaigns today revolve around content. Content is at the core of delivering an effective message that resonates with consumers.


Once content has been crafted, it is backed and promoted through e-mail blasts, PPC ads, social shares, and a variety of other techniques. The problem is, more times than not, targeted materials don’t reach a fraction of the audience they were intended for. Most materials are produced, thrown into an endless sea of content, and quietly fade into obscurity.


Even some of today’s most recognizable brands have trouble reaching their audiences. For example, Coca Cola’s engagement rate on social media is approximately one percent. Ouch.


By throwing influencers into the mix, however, targeted content gains a much more significant and engaging platform to be shared. And leveraging influencers often opens a brand up to entirely new and relevant audiences that didn’t know the company existed.


What does this have to do with SEO?

When influencers share a company’s message or content, they effectively lend credence to a brand. Those that receive the message essentially create a domino effect of conversations and shares that can raise an organization’s seat in the SERPs; when there is a lot of buzz around a piece of content, search engines take this into consideration when prioritizing results.


But that doesn’t mean seeking out bigger influencers is always better. One of the most prolific television personalities today, Jimmy Fallon, gets crushed in engagement from smaller influencers.


Connor Franta, a YouTube influencer with more than five million subscribers, engages roughly 800,000 more people per post than Fallon’s YouTube channel that boasts more than 12 million subscribers.

Source: - sitepronews

This shows that influencer followings are highly-devoted and will engage and share content on a level that is unprecedented; all it takes is the right partners.