Yes, Magento is the best CMS for ecommerce website development. Magento is the preferred CMS by most of the popular brands across the globe and that reflects how useful it has become for small, medium and large sized business altogether. There are very convincing reasons why businesses are choosing Magento CMS for the ecommerce website development.


Open Source


Magento CMS is open source and Magento Community Edition is available for free. Interested users can install it, alter it and use it as per their requirements. For more features and functionalities in Magento CMS, you can install the Magento Extensions through Magento Connect Marketplace.


Large Developer Community


Magento has a huge developer community who are working on the Magento CMS platform on a day today basis. This means help is readily available for users who want to know more about Magento and its applications. The huge community of developers ensure the Magento CMS is secure, fast and up to date.


Specifically built for E-commerce


Magento CMS is specifically tailored for the development of e-commerce sites unlike WordPress even though a complete CMS platform isn’t as effective as Magento CMS when it comes to development of e-commerce sites. The vast number of features and specifications that are required for an e-commerce site is made available through Magento CMS.




Magento CMS is suitable for companies ranging from small, medium sized and large sized companies. It is flexible enough to grow with your business irrespective of the e-commerce features or enhancements you would wish to add on to your e-commerce site. This is why a majority of the Fortune 500 companies are using Magento CMS as the most preferred CMS platform for ecommerce website development.


Enhanced Performance


An ecommerce store will have to face a very bad online reputation whenever there is any delay in processing the user requests quickly due to page loading issues. The presence of high-end caching techniques, quicker query processing times and several other performance parameters ensures e-commerce sites are free of any complaints while using Magento CMS platform.




Unique user experiences can be provided with Magento CMS platform for different type of access devices because of the open system architecture. Specific business requirements can also be met by adding customized back-end workflows using Magento CMS platform. Users will have the flexibility and control of how they want their ecommerce site to look and perform.


Support for multiple online stores


Multiple online stores can be created using a single backend CMS. A single admin dashboard is all that is required to control inventory, billing tasks as well as customer records.


Ease of Integration


Magento CMS integrates easily and quickly with third party services including database applications, shipment tracking and payment gateways etc.


SEO-Friendly Characteristics


One of the key highlights of Magento CMS is its search engine friendly characteristics. It is comprised of search engine friendly URLs, sitemaps, layered navigation, descriptions and Meta tags etc.


Mobile Commerce Support


Magento CMS Community Edition and Enterprise Edition are making use of the latest multiple HTML5 capabilities for providing enhanced mobile shopping experience for the users.