Now that you've decided to outsource your iPhone app project to India, why don't you contact a professional outsourcing company, such as, virtualEmployee, and see how it can help?


Our efficiency in helping project outsourcing has, through the years, earned us more than 100 satisfied clients from all over the globe and, at present, we have more than 150 professionals working from our office in New Delhi, India, serving these clients.


At Virtual Employee, we work with just dedicated iPhone apps developers and not freelancers because we have the firm belief that freelancers who serve numerous clients simultaneously can never match up with a dedicated resource. This is because freelancers working from home will neither have the IT infrastructure required (which is rather expensive to set up), nor will they have facilities like power backup, video conferencing, etc., to make sure your iPhone project is carried out without a hitch.


The advantages of working with a dedicated virtual employee iPhone developer are:


You work with the same, dedicated iPhone app developer every day.

Your iPhone application developer works only for you; there are no other clients.

You can work with your iPhone application developer for as long as you wish.


To hire talented, cost-effective, and fluent English-speaking Apple iPhone developers for you, we sift through scores of resumes and you then interview the best available, even asking them to take a test if you want. If, in the rare case, you're still not happy with what you see, you won't owe us even a dime. This value-added service is one of the many we provide, such as, not asking you to sign a long-term contract which gives you the freedom of scaling up or scaling down your iPhone project whenever you want to.


Virtual iPhone developers you hire are, for all practical purposes, your employees. With these employees, you can concentrate on just your iPhone project with Virtual Employee taking care of all all other issues like providing them with a place to work in our office which has all the resources (such as, IT and communication infrastructure) that enable them to give their best. Also, iPhone developers who work with you from our office are, effectively, no different than a locally hired employee because you get to decide their work-hours which make sure that they work the same hours you do, no matter which part of the globe you're located in.


Another big factor that works for you when you hire our services is that you can spend all your time working on your project. We take care of everything else, such as, the paperwork involved (salaries, bonuses, etc.).


Through the years, we have gained the reputation of being one of the best outsourcing companies available and this reputation is something we fiercely protect, even if it means we have to walk that extra mile for satisfying our clients.