With the news that Android's piece of the overall industry is expanding step by step, regardless of whether to create android portable app or not remains an endless question for organizations. The situation extends when one takes a gander at the aggregate number of android versatile apps accessible for download. Before the finish of 2014, the quantity of apps in play store was around 1.3 million.


The figures are amazing and threatening in the meantime. What risks your android app stands when there are as of now such a variety of apps are accessible in play store? You should ponder.


Try not to be tricked by insights. Luckily, a huge piece of these amazing figures represents low quality apps. In addition not all apps are valuable for each android client. Despite the fact that Google is known to have strict rules for portable apps, still not all apps in play store are of high caliber. Laziness and accidents are two most regular remarks that most apps in play store get.


What does this mean?


This implies you ought to surely proceed with android versatile app development. Yet, it's more critical to convey an inside and out research identified with the app you will assemble. You might need to think about your gathering of people, the opposition you are probably going to face and deficit of different apps in a similar classification.


What's more, you have to put a ton of thought into choosing app outline, technology and development spending plan. Be that as it may, this doesn't ensure the achievement of the last item. It's a progression of right choice at the correct time and aptitude in technology and client encounter that makes it fruitful.


Along these lines, when choosing whether or not to proceed with android app development, you should concentrate on:


1. The Idea


What isolates a sheep from the goats? A thought and its execution. The center thought on which an application is assembled assumes an essential part in the achievement of an app. The initial step for you is to adopt the thought process of an intended interest group and distinguish the issues that should be settled through the app. The point of a portable app is to make lives less difficult. A thought is important just in the event that it tackles a specific issue of the objective client.


2. Your Audience


Everything aside, your crowd ought to be your need when choosing whether to build up a versatile app or not. The number of inhabitants in Android clients is more when contrasted with that of iOS clients. Also, android is utilized by individuals over the world, paying little respect to the salary and societal position. In such a situation, it bodes well to build up a portable app for android clients.


Saying this, you should lead an intensive crowd investigation to comprehend their particular needs. Concentrate the input of your gathering of people for comparable apps and detect the crevice that should be filled. It's fundamental to comprehend what clients need a portable app to accomplish for them.


3. Development Environment


Android's present development apparatus, Eclipse is lumbering and hence, not a simple instrument to work with. The new one, Android Studio is still in beta. Regardless of this, Android app development can't be overlooked. The one purpose behind this is the product arrives in an assortment of handheld gadgets, independent of the cost. For most extreme scope, it's basic to have an android versatile app.


Be that as it may, given the details included, you will oblige specialists to make utilization of technology to build up an Android portable app. Presently the question is whether you need your in-house ability to take a shot at it or join forces with a custom programming development organization. You might need to consider teaming up with an Indian app development organization in view of the simple accessibility of ability and cost-viability.


4. Technology Upgrades


Android 5.0 has as of now been propelled. Actually, the more up to date form of it is normal soon. Android 5.0 offers more than 5000 APIs and another interface for improved client encounter. One of the significant advantages of teaming up with an android app development firm is that the specialists taking a shot at your venture will help you profit the most recent technology. They keep a tab on the most recent developments and extra elements on every update.


5. Single Purpose, Sharp Focus


The run of the thumb is to pick a tight concentration, to guarantee the achievement of your portable app. You can't get everything comfortable same time. Organize your targets and concentrate on the most essential one. Attempt to be uncommon in one perspective and after that continuously you can enhance different parts of your android versatile app.


The tight concentration helps you exceed expectations at one specific thing. It strengthens your area ability and builds up your power before your gathering of people.


6. Effortlessness and Lightness


Why do you think Whatsapp is the most generally utilized versatile app? Since it's easy to utilize. Its outline is perfect and UI is simple. Moreover, its light weight makes it rapidly downloadable even on moderate web associations. It's essential to shroud the complexities and keep it basic, so that even the fledglings are OK with utilizing the app.


Having an android portable app can help improve engagement with your gathering of people. Be that as it may, you have to strike a harmony between thought, plan, technology and significant procedure.