Now it’s time to examine the components of your original campaign and re-optimize these aspects.


Start with content; is it really unique and informative? Is it long-form and comprehensive? Have someone else review your content and give feedback so that you can make your materials as compelling as they need to be for folks to read, share and crave more.


Next, examine your outreach efforts. If you are sending out unsolicited e-mails to unqualified prospects, you’re not going to get very far. Study your audience and take the time to identify who you are trying to reach.


Once you understand this, begin reaching out to folks who fit the bill on social media with comments so as to start building relationships. Now you can begin sending out content to relevant prospects and tracking your efforts to gain insights on open rates, responses and other critical metrics.


Finally, after you have fully grasped what was originally pulling your campaign down and have re-optimized various aspects, relaunch you campaign and monitor its progress. If you still don’t produce results, rinse and repeat.


No one ever said SEO is easy, and if they did they were severely misguided. SEO is a challenging practice that requires time, resources, patience, constant tweaking, and continual study of emerging best practices.


No matter how many times your campaigns fall flat, just remember to pick yourself back up and try again; persistence is one of the key ingredients to success.


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Are you preparing to launch a SEO campaign? If so, what is your most troublesome area?