We have built 200+ native app using iOS SDK, Android SDK, Wearable SDKs and Windows Phone SDK. Siginux Networks team understands your business needs and offers various native mobile approaches to come up with the mobile strategy. The coolest & cutting-edge native apps from the house of Siginux Networks pave way for the maximum mileage for small business to enterprise and government. Our extensive experience and superb capabilities in mobile apps development stem out of the following platforms which also tell the latest technologies we adept to create the best solution for you


  • Android App Development
  • iPhone App Development
  • iPad App Development
  • Wearable Technology
  • Windows Phone Development
  •  Native App Development Company


Android App Development Siginux Networks has been developing apps for Android since the birth of the platform. As this powerful mobile and tablet-friendly OS gains an ever widening foothold among hardware manufacturers, Siginux Networks is well placed with technical and design expertise to develop the gamut of Native Android applications. We have incredible on-demand capacity and a stable of engineers and designers specializing in Android apps development. Siginux Networks will work very closely with you to be sure that you leverage the best business ideas with the latest technology. Our team uses a systematic approach to design your app with complete integration of suitable functions in the shortest amount of time.


iPhone App Development Our team has been a prominent name in developing iPhone apps for a number of clients from many different industries including retail, entertainment, sports, etc. We have been named best iphone app development company by several independent agencies.  The expert iPhone apps developers at Siginux Networks understand your wish to develop an application for your business. Whether it is related to getting the best return on investment, entertainment, or a desire to have engaged users, Siginux Networks is adept at putting your ideas in motion.


iPad App Development Siginux Networks team knows how to use the extra real estate provided by tablets to build native iPad app for you which will provide the user experience and functionality specific to iPad users. Siginux Networks has built several iPad Apps and Universal Apps for its clients to provide the tablet specific engagement to users. Walking in tandem with the latest developments in the iPad domain, Siginux Networks offers custom iPad application development services to local and global markets. We always include the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) approach in our app developing services. Our partnership with iPad SDK is elevated because we understand that designing and creating apps for tablets is different than creating those for phones.


Wearable App Development Wearable technology has been catching up since 2014 . Siginux Networks always believe in adopting latest technology and delivering products, which is best for business and prevailing users in the market. At Siginux Networks, we have learned tools, SDKs and APIs to develop highly advance and featured apps for Apple Watch, Android Wear, Android Auto, Samsung Gear and several other wearable devices. We develop Watch and Smartphone apps that connect with wearable hardware devices like FitBit Activity Trackers, Smart Watches, Wrist, Wearable Camera, other devices from all popular brands. We have used wearables from Samsung, Sony, Apple, Google, Moto 360, FitBit, MisFit, Garmin and some other brands and developed iPhone, Android and Watch Apps for our clients in North America.


Windows Phone App Development The new windows OS focuses on improving the user experience. Siginux Networks carries the baton forward as it opens new vistas for windows phone development with the consumer as its prime focus. Siginux Networks understands the hardware and the software of the Windows phone.Windows App development is driven by the knowledgeable blend of XNA, .NET Compact Framework 4, and Silver light & we, as the leading mobile app developer across the country from Los Angeles to New York, understand the responsibility of maximizing user interface design development & great apps functionality. Our forward-looking Windows apps developers are loaded with the mandatory know-how in Windows Phone application development with technologies such as XNA, Silverlight and .NET Compact Framework 4, J2ME, C, C++, SQL Server, and Visual Studio.