In the event that you are managing in some kind of business, the rationale is to win and augment the benefit. In an approach to improve the benefits and to have a lot of control over the payment philosophy, it gets to be distinctly important to have a perfect payment gateway. At Siginux Networks (P) LTD, we give you the perfect means through which you can deal with the business exchanges no sweat.


To do as such, it is suitable to have a solitary solution payment gateway, which over the long haul can bolster various payment directs in a productive way. The procedure included is particularly fitting and consolidates adaptable payment devices that will over the long haul empower banks and credit unions to meet the changed needs of the clients' business needs and requests. The payment gateway solution is outlined with the end goal that it can be fused by any business ventures, independent of the size and scale. This framework essentially empowers the client to acknowledge and profit charge card and e-check payments continuously, without quite a bit of any tangle. The payment gateway strategy can likewise confirm card security, check address for confirmation and clear a path for a marked facilitated payment page.


Siginux Networks (P) LTD payment gateway is intended to encourage exchanges that can be accounted for, to guarantee approaching and active exchanges and in addition raising alarms, with regards to declined or dismisses payments. Our electronic payment gateway is critical to guarantee benefit for budgetary foundations and business interests. It is especially secured and can be utilized to oversee payments without breaking a sweat.


To lessen the component of hazard required in money related exchanges and to builds incomes with that of a low working expense is the thing that we expect to furnish you with.


We want to profit, Paypal and CCAvenue as favored payment gateway.



PayUMoney is a payments stage from PayU, one of the biggest payment gateway administrations suppliers. The favorable position on the off chance that you plan to make utilization of payUmoney is being recorded beneath:


  • Zero set up cost and yearly expense
  •  Go-Live inside 48 hours
  •  Basic documentation included.

 CCAvenue and its many advantages:

  •  Greatest payment choices with different cash handling
  •  Iframe reconciliation and shrewd element directing
  •  Low working expense

 PayPal and its components

  •  Make payment abroad easily
  •  Greatly sheltered and solid
  •  Online in a hurry


 PayUmoney Features and Benifits

 (Underneath components substantial for Payumoney Payment Gateway)


  •  No Documents Required for Web Front
  •  Straightforward and simple information exchange
  •  PayUMoney instruments
  •  SMS Invoice
  •  Email Invoice
  •  Web Front
  •  Purchase Now Buttons
  •  Moment Activation
  •  Free Support
  •  No Need to Capture Payment*
  •  No Annual Maintanance Fees
  •  Payment Release in 3 Days
  •  Sparing Account Accepted for Payment Gateway
  •  All Card and Netbanking Facilities
  •  Shrouded Cost
  •  No specialized information required
  •  Quick and Secure payment