Teardown of the latest beta of Google app might have unveiled the future launch of a new device from the search giant, as hinted by an unknown codename reportedly found inside the app. The codename found inside the teardown of the version 7.0.6 if the app is "Bisto" and as of now one can only speculate about the kind of device it might refer to.


The 'Bisto' codename was found among device categories including Android TV, Google Home, Android Wear, a Google Pixel, and the general category of 'phone', as per a report by Android Police. Android Police has speculated that this codename might indicate the existence of a device with screen, as there is a toggle option for reading out loud notifications associated with Bisto.


Other speculations include that it might be an internal codename for Android One devices with Google Assistant. It has also been suggested that the codename might be for Pixel smartphone's successor, belong to hardware from an altogether new category, or a "specially branded" device from existing category.


Apart from the unknown codename, the teardown revealed that the latest beta update brings along the ability to turn off the action where freshly installed apps show up on the home screen. The update also adds a toggle to enable or disable notifications from Google Assistant.


Further, the update fixes the bug where the app used to crash on swiping away the information cards. You can find the download the latest beta for the app from APKMirror.

Source: - http://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/google-app-beta-reportedly-hints-at-a-phone-codenamed-bisto-1681504