Businesses and marketers have been checking out Twitter Moments, a new tool to ensure their message is relayed to their target audiences. Twitter Moments allows you not only tell any story, but a clear and engaging one. The tool allows products and services to sift through irrelevant tweets and prioritize the ones that actually matter, complete with visuals, audio and video footage that can help you to relay your messages more succinctly and powerfully compared to ordinary tweets.


When Twitter Moments was launched in October 2015, the social media platform curated the big tweets of the day (or so-called Moments) for Web users. If big companies wanted to sort through tweets through their own for their marketing campaigns, they had to pay. But since then, Twitter Moments has been free and open to anyone on mobile. No wonder, marketers are quickly diving in. For instance, Lime-A-Rita used the tool to provide its recipe for its popular malt beverage with margarita flavor. E!’s show ‘The Royals’ culled tweets containing images, quotes and GIFs into a Moment as a way of recapping previous events for its fans well ahead of the next season’s premiere. E!’s most prominent reality series ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ used Moments too.


Even Twitter’s rival YouTube has used Moments to promote a YouTube Red series known as ‘Escape the Night.’ It used an adventure-type version of Moments to promote the new mystery series starring Joey Graceffa, who posted about the campaign on Twitter. Publishers such as Newsweek are likewise getting into the act.


Twitter Moments could become an important tool to an effective social strategy, according to industry players, especially if they are carefully curated and focused on the intended user. For companies with a good Twitter presence, the cost and time can be considered minimal to have a better understanding of the target customers who respond to a better, far richer storytelling format.


Using Twitter Moments in Marketing

So, why do you need to use Twitter Moments in your marketing campaign for your product or service? Here are some reasons.


Creating Personal Connections

Marketing your product or service involves encouraging your followers or fans to take a more engaged interest in you. Whatever you are selling or what your Twitter account wants to achieve, it is better to create and foster personal connections online. Usually, people will follow and interact with other users that engage them. Users feel a better personal connection with others who interact with them.


Storytelling can help products and services to develop personal connections online, make better sense of tweets and data and engage more deeply. With Twitter Moments, businesses and marketers have the opportunity to tell their stories constantly and keep fans engaged in the stories, projects and events as they go along.


A Way to Provide a Clearer, Better Story

‘Keep it simple’ is a rule brands must follow, even on Twitter. With Twitter Moments, you can provide simple but compelling data storytelling.


Establish Social Proof for Clients

It is important to establish social proof in any of your self-promotion endeavors, especially for marketers. In the future, there may be a need to prove how to prospective clients how effective your strategies are as well your popularity. Twitter Moments enables you to cull tweets, hashtagged tweets, retweets, and even responses that revolve around a certain theme. For marketers, the tool makes it easy for them to collate data and show your market research skills.


Optimize the Best Out of Your Tweets

Although digital marketers do their best on social media platforms every day (there are days when they post witty tweets, visually stunning images and amazing responses), some days are merely ho-hum. Twitter Moments enables marketers to select the best of their tweets and even the most amazing responses to them.


Get More Interest in Events

Twitter Moments allows marketers and brands to cull everything when there is a huge event happening and they want followers to get on board. From the build-up earlier, to the live-tweeting to the nostalgia after an event, the tool helps marketers and companies to jumpstart hype and interest and convinces followers to learn more about the event’s story.


The tool will help brands to make sure their followers feel they are a part of some of their most important events, and even get them become more interested in the next ones. Including your followers’ response tweets in the Moment you will create will let them think they are more involved in the process, making them more likely to engage in the future.


Built-in Compatibility for you to Share

Another good feature why you should use Twitter moments is that it can be shared on different platforms as well. For instance, you can use Twitter Moments on your website, blog and even other social media accounts, thus maximizing your efforts in making Twitter Moments and boosting your audience market elsewhere.


Target Most-Interested Users

Twitter Moments offers products and companies a paid media targeting option, the same way the option is offered in promoted Twitter profiles and tweets. With this option, marketers can choose their target demographic as well as the reach of the Twitter Moments you create.


This option is particularly useful when marketers and brands try to establish themselves within a certain target group of customers for any marketing objective they may have. In truth, there are many tools you can use to conduct and boost an efficient marketing strategy on Twitter. There are also quite a good number of user-based tactics and tricks that can do the same. However, nothing can beat the power and effectiveness of a paid, direct marketing campaign.


Twitter Moments can be a good tool for marketers and businesses to market themselves as they offer the chance to harness some of the most effective marketing strategies in the book. You should play around with Twitter Moments and see the results the tool brings to your business.


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