Brands, beginning this week, will have the option of buying ads in Facebook’s News Feed to connect with people directly in Messenger.


facebook-ad-1These new News Feed ads will open as Messenger conversations.


The move builds on Bots for Messenger which was launched back in April as a way for brands to interact with customers or fans.


“This is exciting news because now everyone can combine the powerful audience targeting and selection capabilities of ads on News Feed, and the identity and canonical nature of Messenger conversations,” Facebook Messenger chief David Marcus said in a blog post.


The new ad system enables brands to connect with people who have previously messaged them. The sponsored messages enable businesses to re-engage these people “in a very efficient way.”


“We believe that the combination of driving people from News Feed into a Messenger experience, and having an additional opportunity to re-engage with sponsored messages is a game changer, and we’re thrilled to roll this experience out starting this week,” Marcus said.


As Marcus points out, businesses can only send sponsored messages to threads that were started by customers or prospects — so there is no danger of spam.

Users have the option of blocking messages from brands th1\o651ey do not wish to hear from.Source: - sitepronews